How do I become a raw food chef? What course should I do?

I get asked fairly often about becoming a raw food chef and which courses I would recommend to go on to become one.

Being a raw food chef can mean many things, but it’s still quite a rare thing to be able to apply for ‘job’ as a raw food chef, since there aren’t that many places to work at.

Which means that being a raw food chef involves an aspect of entrepreneurialism. Which also means that taking control of your own training is a great way to go.

I would consider what it means to you to want to be a raw food chef; there’s lots of different areas of specialism, such as:

- Teaching classes to people in your local community
- Personal chef
- Catering for events
- Working in a restaurant
- Launching your own product line
- Teaching classes online

I believe you can become an expert in pretty much anything in 2 years if it’s your passion. With or without an ‘official’ training or certification.

I taught myself, and I’ve seen so many people take raw food courses, to not go on a do anything with it. The same is true in any field. There’s 1000s of people that went to traditional culinary school and never became ‘chefs’. Similarly, there are some amazing chefs that never went to culinary school.

That’s not to say that it wouldn’t be beneficial to take some kind of certification, it can only help.

I would do whatever courses you can, but the main thing is to know how to make the food. Learn how to promote yourself online, even just starting with a blog, and publish your recipes along with great photos, and your own opinions on what you’re doing.

If you want to teach, start teaching classes in your area too. You probably already have enough knowledge to start teaching basics to people.

Worst comes to the worst, 2 years down the road you’ve got a great blog, with ‘proof’ that you can make great food, and you’ve been giving classes. That puts you in a wonderful position to apply for a job, or continue to do your own thing.

The actual mechanics of working in a raw food restaurant can be easily taught in a short amount of time, but knowing about the food is a much more lengthly, and valuable skill to learn, so focus on that. If you want to take a course to help with that, it would be a positive thing.

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